Monday, August 30, 2010

Hats for Jack

I haven't been doing much of anything lately but growing this baby. Bruce has been my handyman extraordinaire, taking on lots of little projects around the house under my careful direction. And I now have everything I wanted done on my list save the purchase of a nursing bra (suggestions welcome) and the stocking of my baby medicine/first aid basket (suggestions welcome there too). I did get a wild hair up my ass last week and decided that Jack was in dire need of more hats. Using up stash bits was an added bonus. Used up part of an old tank top, and 2 different shirt sleeves for the monster and the bottom (cuz I'm lazy and didn't want to sew a hem) of some old PJs for the blue one. I used this as a guide for the smaller hat and the hat Gidget, Mike and Hank got us as a guide for the other. I hope Jack likes them.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby Shower Goodness

Ive been away. Well not AWAY away, but away from crafty, bakey goodness. Partially because I'm now just 6 weeks from my due date, and I've been really tired, and partially because we've been having a major heat wave here in the Seattle area, and I can't imagine doing much but laying in the bedroom with the portable AC. But I want to post something. So I'll tell you about the lovely baby shower that Brenda and Maren threw for me last weekend. It was a Dia De Los Muertos theme and they executed it beautifully. Brenda made delicious snackies including "Favorite Sandwiches" and the yet-to-be-named provolone, tomato and fresh basil sandwich on a sourdough roll with mayo. They were deliciousso good! Maren was in charge of decorations. She did these paper flowers and baloons as well as felt mustaches on sticks! So freeking fun. Alissa helped out in the kitchen, totally unnecessary but so sweetest. Kayla made some Jackacolladas from scratch so tasty that I almost didn't miss the Rum and all my other girlies showered me with awesome gifts.

Maren made these georgeous and delicious lemon cupcakes with a lemon curd filling and italian buttercream frosting. She even made the sugar skulls! Isn't she talented?!

My buddy Erin here is due only a month after me. On November 2nd she and hubby Ivan will be welcoming their own little boy!

And then of course, after all the guests had left, Brenda and I had to ham it up and make some silly faces.