Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby Eva

I have this girlfriend, I'm sure many of you do. She knows me better than anyone (except my hubby) even though we haven't lived in the same state for 7 or 8 years now. She accepts me fully for who I am, what I do and don't believe in, and loves me anyway. She is a kind, wildly intelligent and poetic soul and I adore her. We (without consulting one another) decided to start families and got ourselves knocked up within 6 months of each other. Beautiful, beautiful Eva Lopez was born in March and I love her already. This of course, leads me to make some things for this delicious baby I have never met.

I used a freezer paper stencil to make this Emu onesie, because every baby needs a shirt with an animal that starts with the first letter of their name on it. The onesie came from old navy, the Emu silhouette from a google search.

I made these comfy play pants out of recycled material i.e. some old pj's and an old t-shirt using the pattern I have developed for Jack.

I made a goof ball like the ones I made for Jack and Mason for Easter. Even used some of the same fabric I picked up in Kamakura when Bruce took me to Japan for my 30th. I stuff mine with plastic grocery bags. Its a good way to recycle, they make a lovely crinkly sound when squished, and I like the idea of stuffing with something that, god forbid a baby was able to rip the ball apart, he wouldn't be able to eat before I noticed.

I made a binkie clip like the ones I've made for Jack. There are a million tutorials online, but I believe I leaned most heavily on Disney's. Just do a google search and find one that suits your sensibilities/stash.

I made a tiny baby skirt. Its ridiculously frivolous because, does a baby really need a skirt? But I just imagine her sweet little self wearing it over a onesie and my heart grows 3 sizes. I made it using Jack's measurements (Sorry Kel, I know she probably wont be able to wear any of this for a bit since I'm working a couple months out) and my basic, sew a tube, hem it and add some elastic at the waist pattern. I embellished with a heart made from the same t-shirt I used for the butt of the pants. I cant resist a little matching.

I need to mail this now because I have about 6 other things I want to add and as the list grows so does the time these finished bits sit here... waiting. And if I'm not careful, sweet Eva will have outgrown them before they even make it to her. So Kel, they're on the way ... uh, next week... right after I finish these bloomers I have bookmarked...

Update: Weeeee! Eva's pants were featured. Win!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

On to baby pants!

I've been trying to perfect this pattern for a couple of months now and I think I've almost got it. Of course, my little bean will probably grow before I've tweaked it exactly how I want it, but such is life. I've been able to make several respectable pairs of pants all from upcycled or thrifted materials. The pair I made today took me about 45 minutes, start to finish. I think I could probably cut it down to 30 if I were super organized...

I got the fabric in a lot I bought from a woman I found on craigslist. I think I paid like 5 bucks for about 6 or 7 yards of different kinds of fabric. Yay, craigslist!
This green pair is my favorite. I made them from an old button up of Bruce's.

This little grandpa pair was made from some old curtains a friend gave me.

Its so rewarding and fun to make clothes for Jack. Especially clothes that he seems to be comfortable in. And the random exclamations of "Oh wow, you made that?" dont hurt either.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Im still alive...

Sorry, life got the better of me for a bit. But I'm back. Ive been making lots of things, slowly sometimes since I'm still in and out of the braces as I over-do-it and then reign myself back in. I've been making lots of clothes for Jack of late. Several pairs of pants using my own pattern but Rae's big butt baby pants as inspiration (more on that later). Here's a little something I made this week, commissioned by Bruce in honor of Friday the 13th.

I drew out my own design and cut a stencil from freezer paper for the white part. When that was dry (read: me dancing around impatiently for about 5 minutes and then busting out the hair dryer), I used a toothpick to freehand the black bits over the top. I'm quite pleased with the results. Jack is way more impressed with the drawstrings on his pants.