Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sleep and kicking bags

First, Jack slept for 9 blissful hours in a row last night. Lets all take a moment to revel in that... ahhhhh. I feel amazing. Now to the crafting. I made Jack a kicking bag, while wearing these giant braces!

I've been wanting to make a kicking bag ever since I saw Amanda's. Little Jack loves to kick. He loves to kick so much that he often kicks his blankets off and wakes himself from a perfectly good nap. Since knitting is kind out of the question at the moment (see previous post) and stash busting is always in order, I used a cashmere sweater that shrunk in the wash. Yes, I put a cashmere sweater in the machine. I am THAT lazy. But Ive learned my lesson and Jack reaps the benifits. When I was finished it looked a bit plain so I looked around my craft room and noticed this.

Remember my adventures with freezer paper? Well I never acutally got around to sewing them on, and my sweet boy has already grown out of his 0-3 onesies. The kicking bag came together very quickly and easily. I wonder if anyone would be interested in a tutorial...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hangin in there...

So sorry I've been MIA. Momma has finally been diagnosed with dequervain's tendonitis. Which means I'm wearing these.

Which also means I'm not crafting, knitting or sewing and that I'm actually getting sick of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" *gasp*.

I made a couple of hair clips for Kayla and Brenda before I got saddled with these monstrosities, and I started cutting out pieces for Jack's Christmas quilt so it might actually be finished on time. I should be in soft braces in the next week or so and hopefully able to do something other than watch TV (I cant even really read because holding anything is pretty unwieldy, writing this post is taking a billion years).

Here's the lesson. If you are pregnant and your wrists hurt, do not ignore it. If they get worse after your baby is born, really don't ignore it. I could have saved myself weeks of pain had I gone to a hand specialist right away. And I wouldn't have had to scrap most of my handmade Christmas plans. Its not all bad though. I leave you with Jack smiles, which make anything worthwhile.