Monday, June 28, 2010


I finally did it! I don't even know how long this pink tshirt from forever 21 was hanging from the light fixture in my craft room (originally put in such an awkward place in a failed attempt to get me to move forward on my vision for it sooner rather than later). But here she is and I couldn't be more pleased. All it took was Mae coming over, several cups of half/caf coffee and an over indulgence of home made pumpkin scones. Mmmm pumpkin scones. I digress, back to the shirt!

I used this tutorial from Lex that Ive been drooling over forever (isn't she amazing?) and modified it to fit the materials I had on hand. I used an ill fitting old navy tshirt for the flowery bits and collar. I'm so pleased with how this came out. I'm almost inspired to tackle the blue version of the same tshirt which is now occupying most of the space on my dining room table. See, if its all spread out, perhaps Ill get to it sooner... we've been down this road before haven't we?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy with Baby Stuff

As you can see the belly is growing. I'm still tired, but I got tired of being tired and have forced myself to get back into a crafty groove albeit not as prolificly (thats a word right?) as I would like. I have managed to make a few things on my list for Jack. The first is the LOOP baby toy from Ravelry. I keep reading that little babies like high contrast stuff so I did up the main ring in black and white and the smaller ones in red and gray. Hopefully it will be something texturally and visually interesting for Jack to enjoy right away. To be honest, I have no idea what newborns are interested in so I guess we'll just have to see what he thinks.

Ive also finished the baby sophisticate finally. It was sitting around waiting for buttons FOREVER and I got sick of it mocking me. I also made this bunny from the pattern I found here. I HIGHLY recommend this one. Its super fun to make, quick, easy and oh so satisfying. I stuffed a couple of jingle bells into the body to make it a little more interesting for Jack. Bruce has been calling it "Jack Rabbit". So cute.

I also found time last night to make this coffee cake. I found out half way into mixing that the applesauce in my fridge had gone bad (sad face, why can I never use that stuff up fast enough) so I subbed in canned pumpkin and it was delicious. Ive had 4 pieces already and intend to eat several more this evening. Delish!