Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcome back Fall, I missed you.

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the crisp morning air, the blue skies, the wearing of sweaters, boots, big socks, sweat pants, tights with skirts, and most of all, I love the holiday season especially Halloween. This is when I ramp up, especially in the creative department. I'm sure you'll get sick of my holiday themed posts/projects soon enough. Or maybe your a little crazy like me and cant get enough. Ive been baking a lot. Ill post my recipe later for these delicious scones.

There has also been banana bread, butternut squash soup and home made pretzels (they were divine). Ive also been busy in the crafty department. I made this pennant, well I thought it was called a pennant, but I saw someone call it a bunting somewhere else so perhaps Ive been misshapen.

I made my own bias tape for this, how cool is that? It was also my first experience with freezer paper. I am extremely lazy and couldn't be bothered to actually iron it down, so theres lots of little splotches outside the lines on the lettering. In this case, it was a happy accident. I also stenciled the spider bodies, but drew on the little legs myself with a sharpie (wayyyyy too skinny to try to cut out of the paper, I found that out the hard way). I love the way it turned out. I think this will be something Ill use year after year.


  1. I would love to share ideas with you. My name is Gloria. I'm a high school English teacher, floral designer, crafter etc; Hello from California.

  2. Hi Gloria! Lovely to hear from you. I cant email you directly because Im new to blogspot and havnt figured it out yet. :P
    Is that an abyssinian I see? My inlaws have 2 right now. They love the breed and have had several over the years. Looking forward to checking out your blog in more depth.