Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mmmmm Bread...and some standing too.

Since Jack has been eating solid food, Bruce and I have been making an effort to eat more naturally. We've been mindful of lables and have focused on cutting things out of our diet that have too many ingredients, especially things we can't pronounce. The easiest way to make sure we know what is going into our boddies, is to make things ourselves. I've always wanted to be a bread baker, and have tried several times with minimal success. This perticular attempt was quite delicious though, and with a few tweaks may become a staple in our house. Recipe Here

The other thing thats been going on around here of late is a whole lot of this.

Jack sure loves to stand, and he's pulling up on EVERYTHING. I can't leave him to sit with a toy long enough to get a cup of coffee anymore. He crawls over to something, anything and pratices his new skill. Its exhausting but hilarious and we are both fully enjoying it. Since Jack and I dont have apointments or errands every day, we sometimes (often) spend the day in our pjs. I thought I could make the standing a bit easier and slightly less comical if I were to help out his little slippery feet on our hardwood floors.

I got some puff paint at Michaels and dotted up the bottoms of the feet of his pj's. Hopefully this gives my little man some traction and though I do delight in seeing a smiling baby do the splits, he's probably going to appreciate this wardrobe update.

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  1. that bread looks crazy delicious!

    also, the puff paint idea is brilliant! you're amazing!