Thursday, September 16, 2010

38 Weeks

38 weeks today! Momma is increasingly uncomfortable and not sleeping well at all, but overwhelmed with excitement at the imminent arrival of our little Jack. I can't stop smiling. Today is my last day of work. I'll miss my buddies at the office but it will be nice to be able to nap during the day, hopefully catch up on a little of the sleep I'm loosing at night and maybe being home will afford me the energy to finish up the few baby projects I had left on my list.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've slowly completed these baby leg warmers and matching hat. For the legwarmers I just sort of made them up as I went along, I've no idea if they'll fit. For the hat I used Jane Richmonds top down tutorial from Love in the Mommyhood. Ive been wanting to try this for awhile and while I think I ended up going way too big for a newborn (totally my fault) I'm pleased with the results and the tutorial. If you've got a head measurement or the recipient handy to try the hat on, its a fantastic way to knit something to size without swatching. Yay for indulging my laziness!

I've also been trying to come up with goodies to hang from the bars and mobiles that attach to Jack's bassinet and bouncer. I'm not the kind of gal that likes the junk that comes with that stuff... it's so commercial and boring to me. Amigurumi seemed a good solution but since I can't (strike that, couldn't) crochet to save my life I kept putting it off. Last weekend I busted out my copy of Creepy Cute Crochet (thanks Kim, it's about time I know) and made this little skeleton. He is totally lopsided and ridiculous looking but I learned so much in the process that I'm fully confident I could make something much less crappy next time. I've developed a pretty bad case of carpal tunnel in late pregnancy so that project may have to wait till after I deliver, but what a great activity to keep me busy while nursing! The days sure stretch out as we get closer to Jack's due date. I can not wait to meet this baby.


  1. Looking awesome!

    Btw, I'm Eric from Quirk Books. We put out Creepy Cute. I'd love to send you more crafting books, if you're interested. :)

    Email me! eric[at]

  2. Looks great! How fun! You are very creative!
    Following you back!