Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gardening, stash busting and true love.

Finally, something to show for my not very hard work in the garden this summer. A giant zucchini and a large yellow squash! I made 2 loaves of really delicious zucchini bread last week and I've been wanting to make more to freeze as well as to attempt a version including chocolate chips. Yum!

This afternoon I used a disposable nursing pad as a template to make these washable nursing pads. I used some weirdo flannel that was included in a package of fabrics I got for super cheap at the thrift store awhile ago for the fronts. For the backs I used some leftover terry cloth scraps and the sleeves of a robe we were given on the Caribbean cruise we took last winter. Judging by those materials you can see how badly I needed this destashing challenge. Sad. Anyhoo, I now have a large stack of washable nursing pads to wear at home. Yippee!

Lastly, this evening Bruce took me to Cafe Juanita to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. This man is my favorite person in the whole world. He is my best friend and I can not wait to become parents with him. Love you so much Bruce. Happy Anniversary baby!

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