Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sleep and kicking bags

First, Jack slept for 9 blissful hours in a row last night. Lets all take a moment to revel in that... ahhhhh. I feel amazing. Now to the crafting. I made Jack a kicking bag, while wearing these giant braces!

I've been wanting to make a kicking bag ever since I saw Amanda's. Little Jack loves to kick. He loves to kick so much that he often kicks his blankets off and wakes himself from a perfectly good nap. Since knitting is kind out of the question at the moment (see previous post) and stash busting is always in order, I used a cashmere sweater that shrunk in the wash. Yes, I put a cashmere sweater in the machine. I am THAT lazy. But Ive learned my lesson and Jack reaps the benifits. When I was finished it looked a bit plain so I looked around my craft room and noticed this.

Remember my adventures with freezer paper? Well I never acutally got around to sewing them on, and my sweet boy has already grown out of his 0-3 onesies. The kicking bag came together very quickly and easily. I wonder if anyone would be interested in a tutorial...

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