Sunday, July 18, 2010

Freezer paper FTW!

I finally did it! I finally tried out freezer paper and it looks rad! I had a couple of baby t-shirts and a onesie with graphics on them that I wasn't crazy about, so I decided to make my own. If you haven't used freezer paper before there are a billion tutorials online but I'll give you a quick rundown of how I did mine.

I traced my stencils onto squares of freezer paper, matte side up and then cut them out using an x-acto knife. Then I positioned them on my fabric, in this case an old t-shirt (wanted to use jersey on jersey) and ironed them in place using the driest, hottest setting. Place the iron straight down onto the paper, moving it around as you do when ironing clothing might slide the paper out of place.

Paint right into the stencils with fabric paint. I think I got mine at Michaels. Make sure to work it into the fabric, but do it carefully, you don't want the paint to bleed past the edges of the stencil. Let the paint dry. While you do that, snap a couple pictures of contented kitties.

Once the paint is dry (I waited a couple of hours, but you could probably read the instructions on your fabric paint for the proper time), carefully peel back the freezer paper. You may need to bust out that x-acto knife again to help with the itty bits. I'm pretty sure you are supposed to throw it in the dryer to get the paint to set before washing but since I haven't figured exactly which designs are going where just yet I haven't done this step. Now lay everything out and admire your handiwork. I LOVE the way these came out. I was worried about the cutting out bit but it really wasnt bad. If I can do it, you can do it. Now, you too should go forth and stencil something.

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