Friday, December 3, 2010

Ted Allen says I can make vinegar

Since I am breastfeeding we aren't always able to finish a bottle of wine before it goes off. This frustrates the crap out of my thrifty nature. Especially when its a bottle of 2007 Viognier from the Harbinger Winery on the Olympic peninsula. So delicious, so crisp, so lightly sweet... I digress. While flipping through the latest issue of Food Network Magazine, I found the perfect solution. Ted Allen of Queer Eye and Chopped fame suggests making your leftover wine into what he calls "the most delicious vinegar you've ever tasted". The most delicious vinegar I've ever tasted? I can totally get behind that.

Oh glorious 2007 Harbinger Viognier and a very tasty Tempranillo you will live again! These jars will be hiding somewhere dark for the next 6 weeks. Ill let you know what happens, hopefully its deliciousness.

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