Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Knit pants for fall.

I know, its sweltering hot in Seattle. By sweltering of course, I mean 80 degrees. It IS the PNW after all. So you may think I'm a little nuts to be knitting pants but my reasoning is 2 fold. First, I am using knitting as part of my post-op physical therapy regimen. It's actually doing wonders, in small doses of course, for my wrist/hand mobility and strength. Second, I wanted to get a jump on the knitting season. I always seem to find myself up to my ears in projects I wish I'd started over the summer. Not this year! This year I'm being proactive! I chose this pattern.

It only took about a week of evening in-front-of-the-tv type knitting. The pattern was so easy. My only complaint would be that not every step is spelled out completely. For instance, you'll end up casting off a couple of stitches in the crotch area before you divide to knit each leg. The pattern doesn't actually tell you to sew these stitches up during the finishing but its pretty self explanatory.

My consensus is that you must knit these for the baby in your life immediately. Super easy, super fun and as you can see super super adorable.

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