Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pinterest inspired crafting #1

Ive noticed of late that my Pinterest crafting is sorely lagging. Maybe its the impending holiday season, but I'm feeling the itch, and with all that lovely inspiration all organized and such, I think it's high time to start a series of posts. I'm calling all crafters to make some stuff inspired by something you've already pinned.
I pinned this to my Christmas board as inspiration for something fun and quick to make for Jack. Well, when he unintentionally pulled out my vintage Sunset copy of Quilting and Patchwork while fiddling with the book shelf I found myself flipping through and came upon the pattern for Japanese ojami bags.

What fun! They're a little tricky to put together at first so I might recommend sewing the first couple up with scrap that you aren't in love with but once you get the hang of it its actually a fun sew. They're supposed to be bean bags but I stuffed them with poly fill just in case they didn't hold up to Jack's wild man routine of late.

Jack was sufficiently entertained (I know, it was supposed to be for Christmas but I can't ever wait to see how he reacts to something I've made for him. I've got to get over that impulse). He invented a game right away called "smack the sacks around with a wooden fork". He actually played at it for 10 minutes or so, which for him is quite a long time. I'm declaring them a hit!

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