Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Travel Sewing

It's almost time! This week we are traveling to sunny San Diego and the home of my dear dear college roommate Kelly to visit and to meet baby Eva. Kelly and I have always had that easy friendship that spans miles as well as years. Ive written all sappily about her here so I'll spare you for now (though I may get sappy again once were home and I'm missing her all over again). In addition to a little gift for Eva which I hope to snap a picture of in action, I did some travel sewing. A few things that I hope will make our trip a little easier.

First up were these finger puppets. I was inspired by my last little project and I thought these would be the perfect thing to tuck into my purse to pull out on the plane when things got a little boring. They're pretty simple, I just sketched out the basic features for each of the animals, made myself a little template for the body and did a little cutting, gluing, sewing and embroidering. They came out pretty cute, just right for an impromptu puppet show.

Next was this travel highchair from This Mama Makes Stuff. It's something I've been meaning to make since I happened on the tutorial and when it struck me yesterday that our suite would probably not come equipped with a highchair, I decided to whip one up. It came together very easily. The instructions are fantastic and Jack fits in it nicely. I used some blue corduroy that I scored from the thrift store (I think it was about 5 yards for a dollar) for the outer and a million year old duvet cover from Ikea for the inner. Not bad for a totally practical throw together.

Finally I made a couple extra binkie clips. Jack is still very much in love with the binkie and I love that it keeps him from putting things in his mouth. These little clips are a great way to keep the binkie off the floor when we are out, and we were down to only one. I'm still amazed at how often things just disappear around here.
Now that the sewing frenzy is over, I guess I'd better pack. Bletch! Perhaps I can think of one more thing that just HAS to be made so I can put it off a little longer...

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