Sunday, January 29, 2012

No sew infinity scarf for FREE (I promise)!

Maybe someone has already come up with this but I've never seen it anywhere. I'm claiming it as my very own simple but kick A idea.

I do not did not own an infinity scarf. I did however, (being the scarf lover that I am) own several billion un-infinity scarves. Not cool Bree, you need to get with the times. Jeez self, quit being so hyper-critical. This week, Jack and I had a play date scheduled with a delicious little girl and her awesome mama, whom I had not seen in many years. Of course I wanted to look fantastic (I did BTW).

Side note: Isn't it funny how much more we dress up for other women than we do for our husbands/boyfriends sometimes? Maybe that's just me...
Anyhoo, it's chilly in Seattle and I felt like the regular old scarf wasn't hip enough so you know what I did? I lined up the fringey bits on each end of my favorite scarf AND TIED THEM TOGETHER!

That's it. Now I have an awesome infinity scarf! I think I'm gonna do this with all my fringy scarves. The best part is that when infinity scarves aren't cool again, you can just untie it. Sigh... so proud. Can you see my head from your house, because it is huge. Have fun tying up all your scarves tonight and when your husband asks what you are doing, tell him you are being hot for other ladies.


  1. SO AWESOME!! The craziest part of all of that is that I went home that day with a mission to find a similar scarf. You looked THAT cool. We do get dressed for other ladies. Husbands get jammies and smooches and they're fine with it:)

  2. Yayayay, something I can do! And an excuse to buy more scarves. :3