Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer skirt

I've had this one bouncing around in my head for some time. Ever since I saw Kate Hudson in this, I've wanted to try my own version. So, in honor of de-stashing, here it is. My preggo summer skirt.

Ive found modesty a bit of an issue in later pregnancy. My belly is so big that I often feel like that fat guy at the comic book store with the bottom of his tummy hanging out of his "han shot first" tshirt, or I find skirts and shorts too short and tight for my growing thighs/tummy and the unladylike way I have to bend over now. I'm thinking this skirt is a pretty good solution. It's long enough that I can bend over any which way I need to without flashing anyone, and its nice and loose and comfy at the waist. I made this one the same way Ive been making all my skirts for the last year or so.
Step 1: Embellish however seems appropriate.
Step 2: Sew a hem if necessary.
Step 3: sew your fabric into a tube.
Step 4: Fold over the top (unhemmed bit) and sew at the edge to form a casing for your elastic, leaving a gap to thread the elastic through.
Step 5: Measure your waist with said elastic by stretching until it is tight enough to hold a skirt up but is still comfy (remember the fabric of the casing will add a little bulk).
Step 6: Thread elastic through the casing using a safety pin or if you are lazy like me, a broach back you found in a jar on your sewing table.
Step 7: Sew edges of elastic together making sure to back stitch a couple of times so its secure.
Step 8: Put on your new skirt and congratulate yourself for being so thrifty and clever!

As you can see, its pretty freeking easy to have a new skirt with a minimal time commitment. It gets faster as you go along as well. This one probably took me an hour because... gasp, I actually ironed the fabric first and I had to sew all these rows of lace on, but I bet once you get this down you could throw one of these puppies together in 15 - 20 minutes. This method scales really well too... its so easy to make one in any size since you aren't using a pattern. Make one for your daughter, bfgirlfriend or doggie. The possibilities are endless!

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