Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mmmmm Lemon

I kind of went a little lemon crazy last week. I made this lemon bread. DELICIOUS. Go... go to your kitchens and make it now! I added more zest than was called for and also added the zest and juice of one lime. It came out fantastic and I had one particularly guilty evening where I polished off the last quarter of it in one sitting. I've also made lemon bars of late from *gasp* a box. I wouldn't do it again. Scratch is much better except for cake. Boxed cake mix is a modern marvel. And I made some lemon cookies that were kind of bland. That's why we do this though right? We test until we find our favorites and then add them to our bakey arsenal. Luckily I have a group of coworkers who are wonderful guinea pigs for new recipes. How about cupcakes next week guys?

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