Monday, January 25, 2010

My brother is back!

But sadly, he will only be here for a couple of weeks. My little bro is a world traveler. Currently he resides with his darling fiance in Gwanju, South Korea where they both teach English. They'll be back to marry this fall but I hadn't seen Shawn since Bruce surprised me with a trip to South Korea and Japan last March. I got to hang with him a little last Sunday. We watched a very creepy movie called The Children. Shawn is my best horror movie buddy. I cant wait till he moves back with his new bride and we can continue our regular schedule of seeing every horror movie on the planet together. I think hes one of the only people in my life who truly shares/understands my obsession. Anyhoo, Shawn loves his home cookin' as much as his horror and since western style ingredients are scarce in South Korea (though Christina does the best she can) he has been craving pies and cakes of all kinds. My mom and I are happy to oblige.

I made a blackberry apple crisp and some artisan bread,

and tonight I'm off to the store for more granny smith apples to bake an apple pie. Moving over to the crafty world, I'll be working on some Valentines themed stuff for my etsy shop. Check in after this weekend if you need a rad hand-made gift!

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